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My dear fellow citizens, dear Friends of the Ivory Coast,

Since his speech on August 6, 2020, the eve of the celebration of our country’s 60 years, the debate on the candidacy of the outgoing President, Alassane OUATTARA, for the presidential election of October 31 of this year, has exposed a very dangerous divide between Ivorians.

Out of respect for the Institutions of the Republic, in particular our Constitutional Council, I voluntarily refrained from any comment, waiting for the members of this high authority to be able to decide the question.

By Decision N ° CI-2020-EP-009 / 14-09 / CC / SG of September 14, 2020 publishing the final list of candidates for the election of the President of the Republic of October 31, 2020, the Constitutional Council rendered public the list of candidates eligible for the next presidential election.

If this decision puts an end to the controversy from a legal point of view, it does not empty of their content, the many political recriminations and social protests which have continued to prosper since the announcement of his desire to run for office. a 3rd mandate by Mr. Alassane OUATTARA.

This declaration of candidacy has, unfortunately, produced its first harmful effects, from mid-August 2020, creating an unprecedented pre-electoral context of the most deleterious.

In this regard, like all my fellow peace-loving fellow citizens, I would like to regret, here, the violence recorded for several weeks across the country. These, alas, undermining Peace and Social Cohesion, result in many losses of human life as well as multiple injuries and heavy material damage.

This sad record reflects a troubled socio-political environment that we could have avoided.

For the record, the stumbling block between the now candidate Ouattara and the voices opposing his initiative, lies in the interpretation that we should have of the Constitution of our country, relative to the possibility of requesting the votes. of the Nation, a 3rd time as President of the Republic.

It will be remembered that when this Constitution was drafted, in 2016, the “Search for Stability and Peace” was the main argument which motivated this new republican pact, submitted for the approval of the valiant people of Ivory Coast.

Noticing a possible maneuver by the President of the Republic, with a view to retaining power beyond the limits admitted by the Constitution in force since August 1, 2000, the various doubts and concerns expressed here and there have invariably been opposed to the ‘legal impossibility of such an approach, reinforced by assurances and the firm commitment of the Head of State, to respect the principle of term limits, as enshrined for two decades now.

Moreover, the explanatory memorandum by the Government Commissioner to Parliament, as well as the official statements and the subsequent comments, through various media outlets, undoubtedly did not help to reassure the voters who thus, to a very large extent , approved this bill on the Constitution, on the occasion of the Referendum of October 30, 2016.

For my part, rather than presenting itself as an indispensable instrument for the consolidation of Democracy, necessary for National Unity and the only one capable of ensuring Peace, this project seemed to me to be the fruit of far too interested calculations. and supporters. This is why I resolutely opposed it and voted “NO” when it was adopted in the National Assembly.

Now that the dissensions between former allies, as well as the deep disagreements within the dynamics of clans have taken precedence over the national interest, the fruit has a very bitter taste which carries a toxic load whose pernicious effects are already noticeable.

Indeed, less than 4 years after its entry into force, this Constitution, reorganized in the hussar in the first quarter of 2020, has just been the subject of an interpretation authorizing a clean slate of the outgoing President’s electoral past, because it is supposed to open an era new, that of the “3rd Republic”, which would then offer Mr. Alassane Ouattara another opportunity to solicit the votes of Ivorians, in defiance of the principle of limiting the presidential mandate to only two years.

That is why, while regretting the reasons given by the Constitutional Council, I openly denounce this flagrant violation of our Basic Law, of which its members are complicit. In addition, the exclusion of political personalities of weight as well as the corporalization of the various bodies in charge of the electoral process, end up giving more relief to this forfeiture which unfortunately will mark a milestone.

The illegitimate validation of the candidacy of the outgoing President is certainly part of a logic of preserving the achievements of a political group to the detriment of the general interest, of which the President of the Republic should nevertheless remain the guarantor.

Judicial control has certainly been favorable to him, but the fact remains that the People have already withdrawn their confidence in him.

I remain convinced that our Country deserves to see preserved its democratic standards so painfully acquired.

This cannot be done without a start from all his daughters and all his sons who will be able to synergize legitimate resources and peaceful actions in order to block the confiscation of their sovereignty.

Only in this way will we achieve an inclusive, regular and absolutely transparent electoral process by which the brave Ivorian people will designate, at the ballot box, the One who is worthy of obtaining the majority of his votes.


Deputy for Cocody

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