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Authorized by the UEMOA Regional Financial Market (MFR) regulator, CREPMF through Instruction N ° 57/2018, the Online Stock Exchange service is now operational at the Regional Stock Exchange (BRVM).

The official launch was made this Wednesday, September 16, 2020, with SGI BOA Capital Securities. The implementation of the Online Stock Exchange is part of the MFR 2014-2021 strategic plan. It is a major market innovation and consists, for the BRVM, in providing management and intermediation companies (SGI) with a technological platform allowing the automatic transmission of stock market orders.

The BRVM has moved from centralized electronic listing (entered at the BRVM) to decentralized electronic listing (entered by SGIs) to lead today to automatic order routing (Online Stock Exchange). This is a remarkable technological development which once again positions the BRVM in the concert of innovative stock exchanges.

It has three main objectives, namely: improving market liquidity; improving order execution times and lowering transaction costs. The Director General of the BRVM and DC / BR, Dr Edoh, praised the work accomplished by all stakeholders in the project under the leadership of CREPMF for the effective implementation of the Online Stock Exchange.

He also sent his warm congratulations to SGI BOA Capital Securities which will be the first to offer this service in the UEMOA zone and encouraged other SGIs to follow suit as quickly as possible. The launch of the online stock exchange service coincided with the effective start of the activities of the BRVM and the DC / BR 22 years ago, on September 16, 1998.

Source: Brvm

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