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After Guillaume Soro’s press conference in France, RDHP executives made a series of statements to respond to the former President of the National Assembly. Yesterday, in front of the Ebrié women (s) at the palace of culture in Treichville, Minister Adjoumani presented Guillaume Soro as a “Little Bandit”, today, it is the turn of Prime Minister Hamed Bakayoko to speak for respond to the former rebel leader of Bouaké.

Indeed, on the occasion of the RHDP Meeting, this Saturday, September 19 in Yopougon, place Ficgayo, Hamed Bakayoko took the opportunity to make a reply to Guillaume Soro.

“We can manipulate young people to burn down a bus but we cannot manipulate them to burn down a country. Men pass the Ivory Coast remains,” he said.

Before providing an answer to Guillaume Soro, “we are there, we are in Abidjan, we are on the ground. We are concrete. Yes, come on the ground. It is the field of politics, of mobilization, of concrete actions. who talk. Be calm. Instead of staying there to chat, come here to Abidjan. This is where it happens. People will chat, we here we work. (..). When we lift you up, you think that you are two meters tall, but when Alassane makes you descend, you feel dizzy, you chatter at random. That’s Alassane Ouattara “, hammered Hamed Bakayoko.

Before adding: “October 31 will be managed quietly we will still be there. I ask you to trust me. I will work so that young people have a real future with concrete projects and programs in the name of President Alassane Ouattara”, he concluded

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