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Tass / Some states are trying to use the pandemic to settle scores with unwanted governments and geopolitical rivals, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a UN Security Council meeting titled “Sustaining international peace and security: global governance after Covid-19 “.

Russia’s top diplomat said the pandemic had not settled transnational disagreements, while, on the contrary, had made many of them worse. “In a large number of countries the temptation is heightened to look abroad for those who are guilty of their own internal problems. The attempts by certain States to use the current situation to promote mercenary, momentary interests are evident, to settle scores with undesirable or geopolitical, rival governments, ”he said.

The Foreign Minister noted that the practice of applying unilateral illegitimate sanctions remains, which undermines the authority and prerogatives of the UN Security Council. As he pointed out, the Russian side has repeatedly called for the lifting of restrictions which, during the pandemic, most strongly affect vulnerable groups of the population and limit their access to food and medical aid.

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