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Yesterday Wednesday September 23, 2020, the outgoing president and RHDP candidate, Alassane Ouattara released 15 pro-Soro detainees. The latter were placed under judicial supervision.
A few weeks before the Ivorian presidential election, the President of the Republic released 15 militants from Guillaume Soro on Wednesday.

They are in fact three (3) deputies and twelve (12) other pro-Soro indicted. The latter were arrested in favor of Guillaume Soro’s failed return to Côte d’Ivoire, and are being prosecuted for endangering state security.

Note that most of the detainees close to Guillaume Soro, namely Alain Lobognon, deputy and vice-president of MVCI, Simon Soro, little brother of Guillaume Soro and president of “the NGO La Vie”, Souleymane Kamaraté Koné said Soul To Soul , director of protocol of Guillaume Soro, Kanigui Mamadou Soro, deputy and executive president of RACI, Kando Soumahoro, deputy and vice-president of RACI, Soumaïla Yao, deputy and vice-president of RACI, to name but a few, have been released, but remain under judicial instructions as indicated in the note.

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