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The entirety of his speech at the meeting of the platforms and political parties of the significant Ivorian opposition.
Saturday October 10, 2020 at the Félix HOUPHOUET-BOIGNY stadium.
– Ivorians, Ivorians; – Dear inhabitants of our dear homeland; – Precisely Dear young people, boys and girls from all over the country.
I salute you and congratulate you for having responded overwhelmingly to our call for this rally dedicated to peaceful civil disobedience launched by the opposition to face: The high treason of Mr. ADO; To the perjury of the Constitutional Council; Under the influence of the Electoral Commission.
Bravo to all, here gathered and elsewhere prevented and gathered.
In short, we are the majority and therefore have an obligation to protect our basic law, the Constitution from any violation,
Dear Compatriots, we must say:
NO to the 3rd unconstitutional mandate; NO to the violation of the Constitution; NO to the subservient CEI; NO to the perjured Constitutional Council; NO to the infested electoral list.
Dear Ivorians, you are a worthy people who know how to resist any form of dictatorship.
We are proud of you.
Thanks to your determination, the dictatorship of the unified RHDP will be defeated. It will be defeated in a few days or weeks.
Faced with the threat of perceptible attacks by the holders of the unified RHDP power against the Ivorian opposition figures and the inability of the CEI to organize a fair, credible and transparent presidential ballot, I solemnly ask the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Antonio Guteres to take up the Ivorian file for the establishment of an electoral body, truly independent and credible, before the presidential election scheduled for October 31, 2020.
Dear Ivorians, On the move!
On the move for successful civil disobedience for a totally liberated Ivory Coast.
Long live the Ivory Coast
Thank you.
Henri Konan BEDIE

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