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Giga meeting of the Ivorian opposition: lessons learned.
Well done to Côte d’Ivoire! Bravo to the Ivorian opposition which has been able to overcome its divisions which, for most of the time could even be settled in a day around a moral authority in a day, without resorting to international experts, these tourist mercenaries manipulated at the whim of interests of the international oligarchy. This moral authority, respected, listened to the Ivorian opposition finds it better and better in Aimé Henri Konan BEDIE. At 86 years old, the Daoukro sphinx has won more the hearts of Ivorians in this final fight for Sovereignty, Democracy, reconciliation and dignity. This posture naturally makes its side.
The absent-present
This October 10, 2020, at the Félix Houphouët Boigny stadium, at the mention of the names of Ivorians forced into exile by the Abidjan regime, Laurent GBAGBO, blew up the applause, thereby constraining the mythical bats (bald -mouse) from the plateau to a daytime flight.
If Blé Goudé and his friend Soro Guillaume are following this same applause, Akossi Bendjo knows for his part, a real breakthrough. The mayor of the plateau whose town houses the “Félicia” is finding more and more place in the heart of worthy Côte d’Ivoire.
“The thousands and thousands” of Ivorians (the term is #rfi, French public service) who moved the felicia bowl on October 10, 2020, had a single quest: Receive poignant, invigorating, precise messages to nourish their Hope in a liberated and democratic Côte d’Ivoire. There were many speakers who followed one another on the rostrum. And the message from President Mamadou Koulibaly of Lider was by far the most appreciated. The people thirsted for psychological rearmament in order to start the battle for their final liberation. President Koulibaly, after having described the Machiavellian method (the art of dividing and ruling) of Dramane Ouattara which ended up destroying the socio-political fabric of Côte d’Ivoire, strongly called for the sacred union of Ivorians against the common divisor impostor of Côte d’Ivoire.
“A united people, never will be defeated” he launched and repeated in chorus by the thousands and thousands of Ivorians of the Felicia.
Marcel Amon Tanoh seemed to have eaten lion during this Giga meeting. Isn’t he there, facing the Ivorian people, demanding that Dramane Ouattara “liberate our country and give it back to us”, he the liege man of Ouattara who yesterday mocked the marches of opposition protest against the candidacy of his ex boss? Amon Tanoh really understood late in the day that Côte d’Ivoire cannot continue in the sham and his break-up speech sparked thunderous applause.
Pascal Affi N’guessan, the lion of the moronou, wrongly or rightly accused of riding for Ouattara since the end of 2013, did very, very hard at the Félix Houphouët Boigny stadium. If the suspension of its representative to the Independent Electoral Commission was warmly welcomed by the dignified Côte d’Ivoire, the 1st Prime Minister of Laurent GBAGBO has found his place in the hearts of Ivorians. He served them what they expected of him since his release from prison. “We are here, because Ouattara has crossed the bounds of violence, lies, ingratitude, manipulation” he planted as an introductory setting before making fun of the rhdp rdr slogan, thus revealing the break with the angel of evil, Dramane Ouattara, whom he rightly ends up threatening in these terms: “Where it is complete, we will cut, there where it is stalled we will shift”. For these reasons, Affi is making clear progress.
Mabri Toikeusse Albert
Out in last position from the comfort of complicity with Dramane Ouattara, the political heir of General Guei, the head of the Rainbow Party delivered a strong message to the people. Indeed, after having qualified the power of Abidjan of “clan of mafia” “Uncle” (sic!) Albert Abdala marked his commitment alongside the people by these words: “This country which is called Côte d’Ivoire existed before them and will continue to exist after them and it will be soon, because we are not going to betray him. We must get up from everywhere (towns and villages) to block the road to Ouattara “. Toikeusse thus gives hope for his journey with dignified Ivory Coast.
Conversely, some speakers on October 10 saw fit to monopolize the spittoon and noisily stir the air, multiplying stigma and offbeat comments, where Ivorians expect committed and responsible messages.Conversely, some speakers on October 10 saw fit to monopolize the spittoon and noisily stir the air, multiplying stigma and offbeat comments, where Ivorians expect committed and responsible messages.
Among those, the representative of “Agir”. Indeed, to serve gossip with 2 balls, of the kind “KKB told me that Houphouët told him”, had no place in such a forum. Frankly! And as if that were not enough, the messenger of he acted on a contemptuous comparison of a brotherly people which did not go unnoticed, and bears sole responsibility for it.
Transmitting the message of an outstanding tribune to a crowd in a trance is never easy. My friend Dr Saraka and the coalition youth spokesperson will have learned this the hard way. Regarding Saraka, the long message given to Minister Blé Goudé was the most boring of all the interventions of this 10/10/2020!
As for the spokesperson for the youth of the coalition, no one can say exactly the real message at the end of these vociferations.
In total, the Ivorian opposition will have won this October 10, 2020, its bet to fill the Félix Houphouët Boigny stadium, despite the obstacles and other disturbances of which the RDR militiamen were guilty.
President Henri Konan Bédié meanwhile, slowly and surely took the leadership of the Ivorian opposition. Without claiming to become the helmsman (in the African sense) of this opposition, the sphinx of Daoukro ensures the moral authority of the dignified Ivory Coast in this new path. Henceforth, we will go to Bédié in Daoukro as well as to his Residence located in Cocody, as in Marcoussis or in Pretoria. Because yesterday, Dr Assoa Adou Secretary General of the FPI was seated next to Affi N’Guessan and the sky did not fall on the heads of the Ivorians!
“Because Ouattara, who has always been at the head of a mafia clan, has divided both the country and the political parties. The art of dividing and ruling has gone beyond the limits. We must therefore stand up everywhere to ask him to liberate and give us back the Ivory Coast. A united people has never been defeated! ”
In short, here is the real lesson learned from this Giga meeting of the Ivorian opposition.
Top hearts !

A contribution from SN KPEYA BEN

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