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After the giga meeting organized by the various opposition parties, on Saturday October 10 at the Félix Houphouët-Boigny stadium, the chief executive secretary of the PDCI-Rda thanked and congratulated the municipal delegates and the secretaries general of the PDCI of the district from Abidjan. It was Tuesday October 13 at the Party House in Cocody during a meeting.

During this meeting, the executive secretary had only one word to the communal delegates and general secretaries of the PDCI-Rda of the district of Abidjan: “President Henri Konan Bédié asks that I present, in person, his congratulations to the communal delegates and general secretaries of the PDCI of the district of Abidjan ”.

He also invited his hosts to maintain the mobilization: “You must not be distracted in the neighborhoods. Always stay mobilized. We are on the right path. On October 31, we will take stock, ”he said before asking the delegates to learn from the conspiracy of the carriers. “Out of 55 buses planned for Cocody, practically paid, we ended up with 11 buses. Let us learn from what happened to us. Despite these obstacles, the activists reached the stadium on foot. I say thank you to everyone for your bravery ”.

He also encouraged activists to drive out fear in them and get closer to the brothers of other opposition parties.


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