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Tehran (IRNA) – Following the recent ignominious offenses made in France against the Grand Prophet of Islam, and the full support that the President and the administration of this country have reserved for these malicious acts, in the name of “freedom of expression”, and also, because of the role of this government in the spread of Islamophobia, the Honorable Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, sent a message to address the Young People of France, asking some important questions. Below follows the full text of his Eminence’s message:

” In the name of God

Young people of France!

Ask your President this question: Why does he support the offense to the Prophet of God, while considering it as freedom of expression? Does freedom of speech mean to insult and offend eminent and sacred personalities?

Isn’t this stupid act an offense to the conscience of a nation that elected him as its president ?!

The next question is: why then is doubting about the Holocaust considered a crime? And why should anyone who writes on this subject be sentenced to prison, while insulting the Prophet is a permissible act ?!

Sayed Ali Khamenei

28 October 2020 »

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