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Four people were killed and several injured in intercommunal clashes in Brihi and Téhiri (Bayota sub-prefecture) during the presidential election on October 31, 2020 in Côte d’Ivoire.

Indeed, intercommunal violence, which causes several deaths and injuries, in the west of the country and many shops and houses have been burned in this part of the country, the tension remained high. Note that during the clashes several residents took refuge in the bush.

At the end of the clashes, the friendly officials of the region published a heavy report. New Africa offers the list of the dead and injured Brihi and Tehiri.

-The List of the Dead:

– Gbolo Mahie
-Bayou Alexis
-Zadi Blaise
– Ouraga Gabou Jocelin.

-List of wounded:

-Yoro Pablo
-Zeze Jonas
– Digbeu Djano
-Digbeu Koudou (Village chief)
-Sokoury Charles
-Gossé Aubin
-Zogobadi Alexis.

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