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● Ivorians, Ivorians,
● My dear fellow citizens,
There are times in the lives of men, peoples and nations, when the awareness that our collective destiny transcends the sum of our individualities and forces us to cross the limits of our personal egos, leads us to seek in our actions and in our speeches, the success of the community.
This sacrificial imperative is particularly ardent and necessary in this period of serious and imminent perils on our lives, our freedoms, our civil and political rights, in a word on our democracy.
Faced with the gravity of the current situation in our country, since the extreme decision of Mr. Alassane Ouattara, to summon all legal and illegal means in order to stay in power, the sons of Côte d’Ivoire, united within the parliamentary and extraparliamentary opposition, united front, in an exemplary unity of action. For more than a month, the Ivorian political opposition has fought courageously and with dignity, with the instruments of law and popular mobilization against this felony which disfigures our country.
Faced with the blatant violation of our Constitution, the blood of our compatriots which is shed every day and the dishonorable perjury of which the outgoing former president has been guilty, I have decided to take responsibility and speak up.
I speak because my honor commands me, the dignity of our country demands it and the memory of the sacrifice of all these illustrious sons of the country who have fallen for the defense of the values ​​of the Republic and of Democracy, orders it to me.
Faced with the mobilization of the people of Côte d’Ivoire, and given the reluctance of our national army to participate in the slaughter to which he invited him, Alassane Ouattara mobilized to serve his cause, many militiamen and auxiliaries armed, who are currently leading our country to chaos, massacring with knives and even weapons of war, our compatriots who demonstrate with their bare hands.
These indoctrinated hordes slash their poor victims with machetes, going so far as to set fire to homes with their occupants inside. A program of systematic identification of opposition supporters with a view to their elimination is underway.
My dear fellow citizens, My dear fellow citizens,
This is the place for me to salute your exemplary mobilization which made it possible to defeat the worst electoral farce in the history of our nation, pitifully orchestrated by an Alassane Ouattara, engaged in his frantic and perilous adventure of dragging on power. Braving this people who vomited and rejected him, he intends to proclaim himself for the third time, President of the Republic. We will never accept it.
Let us put it bluntly: our country is now placed in a context of vacant presidential power because whoever awkwardly tries to impose himself has neither the right nor the legitimacy.
At this historic moment, there is no room for betrayals or half-betrayals. This is the reason why the responsible opposition, noting the vacant presidential power, decided, in the framework of the hope due to the people, to open a political transition.
The National Transitional Council was created to assume the executive responsibilities of the State and ensure the regular functioning of republican organs and institutions throughout the period of Transition.
The former President of the Republic, SEM. Henri Konan Bédié, president of the PDCI-RDA, has been appointed to chair the National Council for the Transition, of which I am a member.
Installed in the mental diagram of all tropical dictators, Mr. Ouattara has tipped into blind violence by unleashing a brutal repression via his indoctrinated forces, against the main leaders of the Transition. Thus, President Henri Konan Bédié, president of the National Transitional Council, is the object of a blockade at his home. Prominent members of the National Transitional Council have faced weapons-of-war attacks on their homes, or have escaped assassinations and kidnappings.
Mr. Alassane Ouattara absolutely wants to decapitate the Transition in order to be able to extinguish any dispute and reign in a dictatorial consensus where the prevailing peace is that of cemeteries.
I, Guillaume Kigbafori Soro, given the hunt against the main leaders of the National Transitional Council, I decide, with full responsibility, to join in the continuity of the work started by contributing to the effective establishment of the organs of the Transition.
Together with all the living forces of our nation, we will lead the democratic transition, with a view to free, inclusive and transparent elections as soon as possible, the only antidote to the violence that is taking place in our country.Together with all the living forces of our nation, we will lead the democratic transition, with a view to free, inclusive and transparent elections as soon as possible, the only antidote to the violence that is taking place in our country.
Our fathers and mothers have paid too great a price for our freedom to be willing to sell it off in the face of the boasting of a few excited. We refuse to allow the violation of our Supreme Law to be considered trivial and to be without consequence.
We do not accept that for the glory of an individual our country counts today more than 100 dead and several thousand wounded in less than two months, that thousands of our fellow citizens are imprisoned because they have exercised their right freedom of expression and demonstration, and that politicians be besieged, hunted down for having demanded respect for the Law, nothing but respect for the Law.
Ivorians will not accept that a servile and accommodating Constitutional Court doubts the electoral plot and lends its support to the forfeiture in progress. This is not what we dreamed of for our country.
Not to fight with determination, pugnacity and abnegation in the face of the nascent tyranny would be a cowardice of which our predecessors could not be proud. This is why, despite the difficulties, despite the pain, despite the horrors, despite our weaknesses, our shortcomings, our mistakes, even our faults, we must together, dear compatriots, be able to stand up to say NO to the dictatorship and block out the former President of the Republic Alassane Ouattara who wants to take Côte d’Ivoire hostage.
The Ivorian people have shown their courage by refusing to submit to the dictatorial vindictiveness of the former president. By courageously applying the slogan of civil disobedience, Ivorians have demonstrated their ability to fight for democracy, risking their lives.
I speak here and now to the constituent bodies and our valiant defense and security forces.
To the constituent bodies, appealing to your high sense of the best interests of the nation, I ask you to disobey illegal orders and join the National Transitional Council.
To the Defense and Security Forces: you know me! Dear soldiers, for years we fought, in the undergrowth as in the towns. Our ideal was to bring democracy and freedom to Côte d’Ivoire. I would like to tell you today that despite everything, nothing is lost.
I would like to tell you that we cannot, out of fear and cowardice, allow the clan dictatorship of Mr. Alassane Ouattara to settle permanently and contemplate the empire of terror spreading in our country and taking possession of the soul. of our nation. Therefore, I ask you soldiers, non-commissioned officers, officers, senior officers and general officers of our army, to look at you in the mirror of your soul and your conscience and to act to stop the killings.
Act to preserve our country from intercommunity pogroms. Act to restore peace and harmony. Take action to restore our Constitution to its nobility.
Mr. Alassane Ouattara is no longer the President of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire. This is undeniable. Having exhausted his second and last term, he can no longer exercise the office and function of head of state. It is for you, with honor and dignity, to put an end to the specter of the civil war which threatens our country.
In conclusion, I call on all the living forces of the nation, young people, women, all layers of our beautiful scarred and murdered country, to stand up. We will have to pursue civil disobedience with more determination, in our towns and villages, in order to ensure that the will of the vast majority of Ivorians is respected.
Dear fellow citizens,
Between the oppressor and the oppressed people, we have to choose. And that choice is now. No one can claim to love the Ivory Coast more than the Ivorian. No one will come and free us in our place. We must only rely on ourselves to overcome or perish. And we will overcome because we have the truth and God with us.
May GOD bless the Ivory Coast
Thank you
Soro Guillaume Kigbafori

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