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Mr Jean Yves LE DRIAN
Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs
Subject: motion of revolt by Ivorians living in France against France’s support for the establishment
of the Dictatorship in Ivory Coast
CC :
– Mr. Emmanuel MACRON
(President of the French Republic)
– Mrs Marielle DE SARNEZ
(President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly)
– Jean-Marie BURGUBURU
(President of the Human Rights Commission)
Our collective of Ivorian and Franco-Ivorian citizens residing in France is a tink tank which ensures respect for human rights, respect for fundamental freedoms, the application of good governance and democracy in Côte d’Ivoire.
We are sending you this letter after the observation of your recent outings and the position taken by the French executive which, through your words publicly justifies the violation of the constitution of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire by a case of force majeure, this during an interview in Le Bourdin direct on 11/13/2020; but also through the letter of congratulations from the French head of state, Emmanuel Macron, addressed to dictator Ouattara.
By your actions, France, country of law and freedom, endorses the third anti-constitutional and illegitimate mandate of Mr Ouattara after a sham election in undemocratic and calamitous conditions which have led to numerous cases of extreme and unprecedented violence in Ivory Coast .
Mr. Minister, our country Ivory Coast is going through a period of the most overwhelming socio-political crisis since its independence.
Never has the Ivory Coast reached such a level of degradation and flagrant violation of human rights.
Deputies have been imprisoned since December 23, 2019 without trial, without even lifting their parliamentary immunity, the list of these deputies in jail continues to grow and the reason for these detentions that we qualify as arbitrary, is undoubtedly purely political. . Family members of opponents of the Ouattara regime are imprisoned without trial.
Men, but above all a large number of women, are embellished by this liberticidal regime for simply wanting to exercise a constitutional right, that of demonstrating peacefully and freely, this in total violation of the constitution, politicians are forced into exile by the Ouattara regime, which through an orderly justice condemns political opponents and distributes 20-year prison sentences in order to keep them away from their homeland.
The Ivory Coast has withdrawn from the protocol of the African court of human and peoples’ rights following the multiple decisions of this court; Decisions which were able to demonstrate to the whole world the bankruptcy of this Ivorian justice under the orders of the dictatorial regime of Abidjan.
The twirling, Alassane Ouattara after violating the constitution by running for a third term, organized a mock election at will with an Independent Electoral Commission (CEI) unicolour and composed only of his friends, a constitutional council that he took care to fill with his friends with the approach of the elections and which logically dismissed the great majority of his adversaries leaving no other choice to the opposition except that of the active boycott.
The whole world has been able to observe the violent repression exerted by the armed militias (microbes) of the Ouattara power during the anti third mandate demonstrations, thus causing a hundred deaths and several serious injuries, the destruction of property, all this remaining in total impunity. .
To cover these facts with a modest veil, to support and encourage such a breach in disregard of the rights of the Ivorian people and the respective interests of Ivorians and French living in Ivory Coast, is to betray France!
This is to betray the notions of “freedom, equality and fraternity” in France’s foreign policy towards a friendly country that is the Ivory Coast. This does not honor France.
Today the situation in Côte d’Ivoire calls for sustained and vigorous action in favor of international standards in the areas of democracy, human rights, elections, and good governance. These words that we are making are inspired by the NGO Amnesty which in its alarming reports on the Ivory Coast has widely appealed to the whole world in order to save the Ivory Coast from a disaster.
We describe the attitude of the French executive which encourages Alassane Ouattara and his clan in this crime and these violations of human rights.
We urge you to publicly call for the release of all prisoners of conscience in Côte d’Ivoire and the return of the exiles.
We also call on you to publicly condemn the assassinations and kidnappings perpetrated by the armed militias of the Ouattara regime.Given France’s support for multilateralism, we urge you to publicly call on Côte d’Ivoire to respect the decisions of the African Court (ACHPR) in accordance with the Ivorian constitution, to stop weakening this court in its role of ensuring compliance with international laws and standards.
We are particularly worried about the risk of genocide looming over Côte d’Ivoire.
We urge you to inform your Ivorian partner that she risks sanctions in accordance with the Cotonou Agreement.
Take your responsibilities by announcing firm decisions against the dignitaries of the Abidjan regime and by limiting their movement and their rights of entry into France, a country of human rights.
We wish you to regain the confidence of Côte d’Ivoire through your next speeches about our country, so that the voice of France, a friend and partner country can still carry to future generations, we ask you to accept, Mr. Minister, the expression of our highest consideration.
The collective of Ivorian citizens and
Franco-Ivorian residents in France

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