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My rant against Mr. Emmanuel Macron, President of France!
By your comments about the parody of the presidential election in Ivory Coast, you have just made fun of the African continent and all the peoples who come from it!
You clearly tell us that we are not beings who deserve democracy and human rights. And that as far as we are concerned, the rules of international justice do not have a right of citizenship!
You show by your posture that you are not on the side of the suffering people!
You show contempt and arrogance towards these people.
I recall that the Ivorian presidential election parody was held at the cost of violating the principles of democracy, Peoples’ and Human Rights, human freedom and indignity!
No, Mr. Macron, ex-President Alassane Ouattara did not come forward “out of duty”, he did so by violating our fundamental law!
He did so, by renouncing his word before the nation and before the national representation meeting in congress!
The death of the candidate of his party can in no way be a case of force majeure, justifying the violation of the fundamental law of a country, in this case the
Trying to make us believe otherwise, and trying to get people to admit it, is to insult our intelligence and our love for our Homeland!
Since these are Africans, do you allow yourself to say “walk around, there’s nothing to see”?
Do you think we have fewer rights than the peoples of Europe?
Do you think that the freedom to choose a president does not concern us?
Do you think that sovereignty over Africa does not belong to the people?
No, Mr. Macron, it would have been better to say nothing, regarding the Ivorian situation and to shelter yourself hypocritically behind the vague concept of non-interference!
It would have been better in the context of your Ivorian and African policy in general!
With what contempt and condescension you spoke, forgetting that you were elected as President in France with the voices of French people of African origin too!
They will remember it in the next presidential elections in France!
What disappointment on the part of a personality from a great democracy such as France, who ignores all the injustices that our people suffer! Arrests of deputies in defiance of their parliamentary immunity! Arrests of political leaders for their opposing views!
What do you say about the more than 200 dead who were horribly killed by the militias of Dramane Ouattara and the countless wounded?
What do you say about the young KOFFI Toussaint who was savagely beheaded by the machetes of the militiamen of Dramane Ouattara in front of the eyes of the whole world?
What misunderstandings on the part of the country’s first human rights representative, who does not speak, when the simple right to have a different expression is muzzled and diversity is gagged!
Africans are more than tired of your attitudes and postures!
I am a worthy African, Ivorian who is extremely shocked by your words!
The struggle of Africans is a struggle for liberation! We’re only just starting.
The struggle of the Ivorians is a struggle for liberation !! A fight against the violation of our constitution and our freedoms!
This Fight will be led by Africans!
It is led by the Ivorians and it is a mistake to want to reduce it!
Anyone who gets in the way will lose feathers!
Are you talking about anti-French sentiment? You should rather speak of anti- “France-à-fric” sentiment!
You should know that we have no problem with the French because the worthy French people are on the side of the worthy African people and condemn your actions with the same
Alassane Ouattara does not own the Ivory Coast!
The Ivorians by their determination and their exemplary mobilization have shown the world that this dictator is vomited by 92% of the population.
The participation rate of this electoral masquerade of last October 31 is below 8%, notwithstanding what the camp of dictator Dramane Ouattara and his clan wants to believe, through rude montages and this all-out communication!
The Ivorian people are standing up and will not let go because it is at stake for our survival as a nation and the future of our children!
We will continue the fight until the final victory!
May God bless Africa!
May God bless the Ivory Coast, land of my ancestors!

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