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After the double official launching ceremony of the N’Djroman generation association, followed by the launch of the Yaobou village sanitation project, on Saturday, August 31, 2019.
The initiator and designer of the said project, Mr. Bodji N’Guessan Clément, son of the Sikensi region and manager of the village of Yaobou addressed the daughters and sons of Yaobou through New Africa to explain on the one hand the reasons for the sanitation project in Yaobou and on the other hand invited them to participate actively in the said project.
Note that Mr. Bodji N’Guessan Clément insisted on changing the behavior of the inhabitants of Yaobou to achieve a conducive and pleasant living environment and he launched an appeal to the diaspora (nationals of Yaobou living outside the country) to s ” take ownership of the sanitation project. For Mr. Bodji N’Guessan Clément, the development of Yaobou also involves sanitation.
As a reminder, Yaobou is a village in the south of the Ivory Coast, 85 km from Abidjan on the northern highway. This village has Gomon sub-prefecture and Sikensi prefecture. Yaobou is a village of 6000 souls. Yaobou is surrounded to the north by Gomon and to the south by Oress-Krobou. The villagers of Yaobou are called djabopouènin or amougbroussandou. Because djabô or dallo kotouapkè are other appointments of the village of Yaobou. Djah: it is the instrument for measuring the purchase of gold in ancient times. Dallo is Yaobou’s nom de guerre. Dallo Kotouakpè is to say that Yaobou is powerful, Yaobou who challenges.
It is a name of the fantis language of Ghana, from where the village of Yaobou originates. Amougbroussandou, that is to say the one who swallows the others. The village of Yaobou means village of Yao who is the son that the founder Nanan N’goh sacrificed in the waters of Comoé during the flight of our ancestors from Ghana. And so Yaobou is the memory of this sacrifice. And that is why we commemorate the dipri which is the feast of remembrance of Yao’s sacrifice.
Yaobou is the first Abidji village because the delegation that came was guided by the elder, n’goh. It is in this perspective that in the ceremonies of the Abidjis, it is the head of the village of Yaobou who pours the drink. In Yaobou we speak Ogbrou which is an Abidji sub-group. Byanin.

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