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Since Alassane Ouattara’s accession to the head of state, part of the population has remained excluded from society. The supporters of President Laurent GBAGBO, who have always been hunted down and imprisoned, are joined in oppression today by those of President Henry Konan Bedié, former ally of Alassane OUATTARA.
From the first days of his first term, he had already announced the colors. He did not content himself with announcing it, he also had his mechanisms well established so that “ETHNIC CALLING UP” is not an empty word. Its allies of yesterday understood this very late when it came to supporting an RDR candidacy for the third time. “If you are not RHDP, you free the stool”. This was the condition imposed on their allies if they wanted to keep their posts in the administration. ”
Insecurity, expropriation, arbitrary arrest, nepotism, corruption, humiliation of all kinds and in all sectors of public and private administration have been commonplace in Côte d’Ivoire for the past 10 years. Every Ivorian, directly or indirectly, has seen the hideous and odious face of imperialism. “Give me everything or die” is his motto.
As soon as it resumed its activities, after the fall of President Laurent GBAGBO, the FPI gave itself no respite, traveling through villages and hamlets to call on the people to show solidarity in the face of this strange character who took our country hostage.
In recent years, Ms. Pulcherie Gbalet has followed suit with the FPI, focusing mainly on civil society. Its mission is to mobilize citizens around their common interests. The evicted, the funeral directors and many other corporations for which they are committed to the defense of rights. She had hoped that the people would get rid of their political coloring for a while to start the fight for their freedom. She thus prepared citizens to exercise power directly, without the intermediary of representatives, which is why on August 7, she called them into the streets to express their disagreement with Alassane Ouattara’s desire to run for a 3 th unconstitutional mandate before being joined by the political parties which finally took the front of this revolution.
The people must take their responsibilities and not let politicians negotiate their freedom.
If the popular revolution had not taken on a political connotation, the arrest of certain political leaders would not have slowed down the momentum of the mobilization.
He who for 10 years has never responded to the opposition’s call for dialogue suddenly invites President Henry Konan Bedié, whom he was holding captive under house arrest, to the discussion.
This meeting of 11/11/2020 at the golf hotel presented as a simple meeting between friends was in reality imposed by France on the dictator in order to slow down the cloud of cameras which were beginning to take an interest in Alassane OUATTARA’s new favorite sport; the “FOOT-TÊTE”
100 dead, several injured and detained to finally find the way to negotiation! An invitation which I hope will not meet the adhesion of the National Transition Council.
Saint Augustine said: “No one is bound to obey an unjust law” which means that we have the right to resist by violence or civil disobedience. Fortunately, the opposition has chosen civil disobedience despite the acts of violence perpetrated by Alassane Ouattara’s militia on the demonstrators.
Whether we stay at home, or on the streets, the system has been designed so that we will die in poverty. Either we accept to die in the streets to give our descendants the chance to decide what is good for them or we abandon our destiny in the hands of the politicians who will negotiate our freedom according to the interests of the imperialists.

Yorova Adji

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