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In Abidjan, new violence broke out between transport unions on Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 November, precisely in the commune of Cocody. 02 stabbing deaths were recorded, as observed on the spot.
The transport unions again clashed with machetes in the streets of Abidjan. Two people died Wednesday and Thursday in the commune of Cocody, Djorobité 2 district.
This violence follows a new fight for the control of a bus station near the chu d’Angré.
The police noticing the facts, for the day of Wednesday the first clashes caused a death with knives on the side of a group based in Djorobité. Subsequent to the resumption of hostilities Thursday around 9 am, another death was recorded in the opposing camp; made up of people who came en masse from the popular commune of Abobo.
Abandoned by his family, the body of this last victim was lying in the street, when the police arrived. The panic fear caused by this situation led the police to besiege the premises to restore peace to the inhabitants.
In Abidjan for years, the control of strategic stations and the resources linked to their management regularly causes violence.
Source: Emergency Police




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