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(Reuters) – Britain on Tuesday announced it was withdrawing clauses from the Internal Market Act that ran counter to the terms of the European Union withdrawal agreement reached in January, after reaching an agreement with the European Union on the question of Northern Ireland.

The EU considers certain elements of the Internal Market law, intended in particular to safeguard the commercial integrity of the United Kingdom, in violation of the Brexit agreement.

London and Brussels have formed a joint committee to negotiate the terms of this treaty in order to guarantee its implementation, as well as that of the Northern Irish protocol.


Minister of State Michael Gove announced “agreement in principle on all matters, in particular as regards the Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland”.

The deal, which is separate from the ongoing trade negotiations, will ensure that the pullout will be fully operational from January 1, said European Commission Vice-President Maros Sefcovic.

“I hope that this will also create a positive dynamic for the discussions on the free trade agreement,” he continued at a press conference, judging that the resolution of disputes on the application of the treaty “Removes a major obstacle” to a possible trade agreement.



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