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The US administration and thousands of private companies have been the victims since March of a cyberattack of unprecedented scale. Washington and the country’s press point the finger at Russia.

Faced with this great panic in the United States, US President Donald Trump reassured his fellow citizens and those around the world about this affair.

“Cyber ​​hacking is far more prominent in Fake News Media than it actually is. I’ve been fully briefed and everything is well under control. Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia is the priority song when something happens because Lamestream is, for mostly financial reasons, petrified to discuss the possibility that it is China (it may be possible). There could also have been a knock on our ridiculous voting machines during the elections , which is now evident that I won big, which makes it an even more corrupt embarrassment for the United States. DNI Secretary Ratcliffe Pompeo, “he wrote on his Twitter account.

As a reminder, a cyber attack is an act of hacking targeting a computer device. It can target various computer devices: Computers or servers, devices communicating with smartphones or tablets.

Attackers usually achieve their ends by exploiting loopholes in computer programs that allow them to perform actions not intended by the software developers. But other techniques (social engineering, phishing) are referred to by this term.



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