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Despite the serious armed events affecting several regions of the Central African Republic and causing numerous loss of life among the civilian populations and elements of the Central African Armed Forces, dispatched to the theaters of operation to deal with the situation.

Since early this morning, the Central Africans, numerous and disciplined, have gone to the polls to elect a President of the Republic and the deputies.

Let us note that the effective holding of the double ballots in CAR is a great victory for the Central African people and especially the democrats of the whole world over the imperialist forces.

As a reminder, the President of the Constitutional Court, Danielle Darlan, rejected Saturday, December 26, 2020 in Bangui, the requests for the postponement of the date of the group elections scheduled for December 27, 2020. The requests were introduced by the democratic opposition coalition (COD 2020), during an ordinary hearing of the said court.

Details to follow.




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