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(Lusa) – British Prime Minister will urge MPs to endorse the post-Brexit trade deal negotiated with the European Union (EU) on Wednesday, his office moved forward today, accomplishing “something that the British people have always had knew it could be done ”.

“The central aim of this proposed law is to achieve something that the British people have always known in their hearts that it could be done, but that we were told it was impossible – that is to say -to say that we could negotiate and cooperate with our European neighbors as close as possible to friendship and goodwill, while maintaining sovereign control over our laws and our national direction ”, declared Boris Johnson at the opening of a special session in the House of Commons.

According to excerpts put forward by the cabinet, Johnson, who led the ‘Brexit’ campaign in the 2016 referendum, will highlight the fact that the 1,246-page deal was reached in 10 months, far less than the five years of negotiations. The EU with Canada and six years with Japan, even in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic.

“Those of us who campaigned for the UK to leave the EU have never sought to break with our closest neighbors. (…) What we were looking for was not a rupture, but a resolution, a resolution for the old and uncomfortable question of the United Kingdom’s political relations with Europe ”, explains the head of the British government, justifying.

With the deal, Boris Johnson promises that the UK will be “a friendly neighbor – the best friend and ally the EU could have – working hand in hand whenever our values ​​and interests coincide”.

The post-Brexit trade and cooperation agreement negotiated between the UK and the European Union (EU) will be debated and voted on in the UK parliament in time for the legislation needed for ratification to come into force on Friday.

Both houses of Parliament have been convened, with the Commons session starting at 9:30 am and the Lords session starting at noon, to pass legislation implementing the deal in the UK in one day.

After 10 months of negotiations, the European Union and the United Kingdom finally reached a trade and cooperation agreement on December 24 to enter into force from January 1, 2021, just after the end of the post-transition period. . Brexit which has so far kept the British in the single market.

With this economic and trade partnership, the EU offers London quota-free and customs-free access to its market of 450 million consumers, but provides for sanctions and compensatory measures in the event of non-compliance with competition rules and state support for business, environmental, labor and tax.

The hard-won commitment to fisheries provides for a transitional period until June 2026, during which Europeans will gradually abandon 25% of their catches in UK waters, after which fishing quotas will be negotiated each year.

As ratification with a view to its entry into force on 1 January 2021 is no longer technically feasible, the 27 have agreed to apply the new agreement on a provisional basis until it is officially approved by the European Parliament at the latest. end of February.




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