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It is done ! Yesterday, Monday January 04, at the home of the MCC Sea Léon, the federation of Kouibly, like all the other federations of Côte d’Ivoire, chose its candidate for the legislative elections of March 06, 2021.

Indeed, the Honorable Youte Innocent was selected to carry the banner of the FPI our Party, and this, at the end of a consensus reached with the National Secretary KPEYA BEN. A big step has just been taken in Kouibly, as part of the upcoming legislative elections.

“At this stage, I would like to thank all those who worked for this result. The stake of the participation of the FPI in these elections decided from Brussels by President Laurent Gbagbo, our Guide, commands choices, very often in various ways Understood. However, to retain Youte as FPI candidate in Kouibly for these elections is what our Party had best to do. We did it and I would like to invite you to be proud of yourselves and by extension of our Coordination While waiting to bring the information to the population of Kouibly, I would like each Kouibly activist to appropriate the candidacy of the Honorable Youte and work in his grassroots committee, in his section to promote this candidacy. , in cohesion and solidarity we will make Kouibly a pride of President Laurent GBAGBO FPI and of the FPI. “, urged Kpeya Ben.



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