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Wednesday January 06: Secretary General Assoa Adou and Vice-President Danhon Djédjé Sébastien of Gbagbo’s FPI were received this afternoon by the Prime Minister, Hamed Bakayoko at his cabinet.

According to our sources, the discussions mainly focused on the return of the former Ivorian President, Laurent Gbagbo, currently in Brussels. At the end of this meeting, Assoa Adou told the press that the subject of Laurent Gbagbo’s return is evolving in a very positive direction and he is very proud.

“It’s a very good meeting, as you know, President Laurent Gbagbo instructed me to get in touch with the Government and therefore with the Prime Minister, to prepare for his return. With Minister Danhon Djédjé, we are already This time around for the first time. This time around, we have come back so that we can really tackle the real problem and see what will be done. The Prime Minister is in a very good mood. He too wants things to change quickly for that President Laurent Gbagbo is here and that the Ivorians find themselves among themselves. That is what we have gone through. For the moment we are in discussion, so allow me not to go into depth. Know that everything is progressing well in a very positive sense and we are very proud. Today we are not here for the elections. As Prime Minister he is attached to that. I touched on this subject. We ourselves at the level of the Ivorian Popular Front tomorrow at 11 a.m. at our headquarters Once we are gone, we are going to launch a campaign to get people to mobilize for the elections and prepare to welcome President Laurent Gbagbo. He must prepare his return, he is a former Head of State, there is a law, decrees which give him rights. This is all that is what to do and we will build on that. If it were up to me alone, Laurent Gbagbo would return tomorrow morning, “he said.

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