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As part of the fragmented mobilization and explanation missions organized by the FPI leadership on the national territory, relating to the return of President Gbagbo Laurent and the party’s participation in the legislative elections, Vice-President Sokouri Bohui was yesterday, Saturday January 9, 2021, in the federation of Dabou to discuss with the federal office led by Mêmel Cyrille and the activists.

Initially scheduled for 3 p.m., it is finally at 7 p.m. that the exchanges between the party envoy and the Dabou activists take place, the reason for the delay was due to the primaries which were to designate the party’s candidate for the legislative elections. First of all, Vice-President Sokouri Bohui praised the democratic spirit that prevailed. He welcomed the result of these elections and called for the mobilization of activists for the success of our party in Lebutu.

After the thanks of Vice-President Sokouri Bohui, he focused his intervention mainly on three points, namely the return of President Gbagbo, political dialogue and legislative elections. On the question of the return of President Gbagbo Laurent, the deputy informed the activists that it depends on them. This is why he came to ask them to mobilize for his return. Because the place of President Laurent Gbagbo is in Ivory Coast.

Regarding political dialogue, the management envoy took stock of recent meetings between the government and the opposition. It appears that the government has shown bad faith.
Because the points of agreement during the dialogue were swept aside by the government.

Regarding the last point, ie participation in legislative elections, Vice President Sokouri Bohui pointed out that this is not an abandonment of the struggle, much less recognition of any power. Rather, it is the continuity of the struggle.
To this end, he calls on all activists, sympathizers, democrats and the entire population to mobilize massively on the ground.

With Sercom VP Gnagne Yadou Maurice.




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