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[Company] Artist painter Yapo Ayéa René’s ‘’ The Boat of Illusion de ’which highlights the dangers of immigration.

It is with the mass of a remarkable pictorial component, with broad orientations of sharp touchstone that the painter Yapo Ayéa René has stood out in recent times.
However, following certain values ​​advocated by the painter, namely peace, social cohesion, love, unity … the theme of illegal immigration is a fundamental expression in his profession of faith.
Well known for the quality and purity of his art, hence his nickname “ The prophet of painting ”, Yapo Ayéa René, his real name, reinvents art when he decides to expose the dangers of illegal immigration via his web “Le Bateau de l’illusion”.
Through this pictorial work, for the artist, it is not a question here of retracing such a long and important history, but we would need more than the space of a painting to do so. Because, apparently, the immigrant sees that the boat is all ready and what sends him back to a possible elsewhere, exotic, erotic which certainly does not see the reversal of the situation.
According to the painter, if each year thousands of young Africans cross the Mediterranean to join, it is because they are not driven from their country by a completely unbearable political climate.
And in recent years, this has been the case with many young people who come mainly from sub-Saharan Africa, from countries in permanent conflict like Somalia and Eritrea. It is said that one in five Africans lives in a situation of war.
Moreover, if this scourge remains annoyingly “uncountable”, its reality is on the other hand perceptible through its consequences. These include drowning, violence during the trip, violation of human rights and an anti-immigration law that criminalizes irregular entry.
So, faced with the societal problems raised by immigration, the painter, originally from the Mé region, calls on all young people from here and elsewhere that this is not the best way.
Therefore, this struggle should be the declared priority of all immigration policies that are proposed to us, whatever party they emanate from.




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