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Opening statement On the occasion of the meeting of November 11, 2020, at the Golf Hotel, between President HENRI KONAN BEDIE and Head of State Alassane Ouattara, the latter called for a dialogue between himself and the Leader of the Opposition, in order to initiate the relaxation of national SOCIO-POLITICAL life. In response to this call for discussions, President HENRI KONAN BEDIE had, on December 9, delivered an address to the Nation, in which he demanded the opening of a national dialogue, including all the forces of the Nation. At the end of this demand, President HENRI KONAN BEDIE had announced a great march for peace and reconciliation, the date of which remained to be fixed. Following this address to the Nation, the opposition, the Ivorian people and observers of national socio-political life, awaited a clear and unequivocal response from the authorities, namely the opening of a truly inclusive dialogue and affecting all major national substantive issues. It is to our great surprise and while none of the formal and substantive conditions laid down by the entire Opposition had been met, that certain parties and political groupings that were members of the Opposition took part. in a session of discussions with the Power, from December 21 to 29, 2020. FACTS In the aftermath of October 31, 2020, following the mock presidential election, the Ivorian opposition, while noting the indisputable gains made following the exceptional mobilization of the populations, responsibly drew the lessons of this first fruitless period. Also, we had started to reorganize ourselves, to relaunch the fight. This period of reorganization was marked on November 13, 2020, by a first declaration by the CDRP, the political platform headed by President HENRI KONAN BEDIE, which had set clear requirements, prior to any dialogue with the authorities. A few weeks later, on the occasion of his address to the Nation on December 9, 2020, President HENRI KONAN BEDIE, recalled and reaffirmed all of the Opposition’s demands, which we summarize as follows: the return of exiles and the release of political and military prisoners; The opening of an inclusive national dialogue, involving all the socio-political actors of our Country The development of a new Constitution, which guarantees democratic stability, by setting up strong institutions, The implementation of a true national reconciliation, The consequent compensation for the victims and their respective families; Reform of the Electoral Commission and the Constitutional Council The reorganization of the presidential election in a transparent, credible and inclusive manner, in a peaceful atmosphere; Restoring confidence among Ivorians, ensuring good economic, political and administrative governance; The return of the rule of law with respect for the fundamental freedoms of all citizens and of the law, especially in maintaining order. This is the place to recall, that President HENRI KONAN BEDIE completed his address to the Nation, calling for an unconditional release and before any discussion, of all leaders, young people, women, executives and soldiers. , unfairly held in the shackles of detention. At the end of this address, the Ivorians had come to understand that the fight initiated by ‘The entire Opposition, which had sparked the civil disobedience movement, then the boycott active on October 31, was by no means abandoned. It was in this atmosphere that certain parties and political groups belonging to the Opposition were invited by the Government to discussions on the local commissions of the Election Commission. In view of the context, this invitation, which came at a momentous period in our struggle, could not be treated in an ordinary way. This is why, on Sunday, December 20, the coordination of the platforms and parties of the Opposition met at the headquarters of the PDCI-RDA, to analyze the said invitation, with a view to adopting a common position, as to the attitude to adopt. During these discussions, some argued that the conditions which the Opposition had set before any discussion were not fulfilled and that therefore it was impossible for us to respond to this invitation. To justify their reluctance, they observed in particular that instead of a national dialogue, the Head of State proposed a very selective dialogue, both by the participants of the Opposition, that he took care to to choose itself, only by the surprisingly restrictive topic, entered in discussions. Some other parties and platforms have considered that we should not play the “empty chair policy”. Therefore, they recommended that the Opposition participate in these discussions. Faced with this situation, which risked damaging the unity and cohesion of the opposition, a compromise was found. Indeed, the two tendencies have agreed, so that the Opposition responds to the invitation, but only to listen to the representatives of Power. To this end, it was agreed to provide the Head of Government with a memorandum recalling our requirements and preconditions. On the return from the first day of the discussions and to our great surprise, the parties and political groups which represented the opposition, announced to us that they were asked to start discussions on the Electoral Commission and on the environment. elections, as well as appeasement measures. To this end, two working committees had been set up. They were to work for a week, from December 23 to 29, to stop consensual proposals on these two subjects. This unexpected attitude, taken by the parties which took part in the meeting of December 21 at the Prime Minister’s office, is contrary to the offensive and combative position that the Opposition had decided to adopt, in agreement with the People of Côte d’Ivoire. OUR ANALYSIS For our seven (7) organizations: LE PIT, L’USD, LE RPCI, LE PCRCI, LC, as well as the GPS and LE FDC platforms, this is a deviation from the unitary political line that the Opposition had adopted throughout its struggle. Undoubtedly, these facts weaken the Opposition, also undermine its unity and cohesion and seriously damage the credibility of political leaders. At this stage of our discussion, the initiators of this press conference would like to seize the opportunity to pay a sincere and vibrant tribute to the People of Côte d’Ivoire who, on the occasion of the demonstrations in August and September and last October, stood up as one man, to defend in the majority of the localities of the country, the democracy, the freedom and the sovereignty of the Ivory Coast, threatened by an implacable and predatory dictatorship. Let us remember, in fact, that at the height of the popular protest against Alassane Ouattara’s candidacy for an illegal 3rd mandate, a fierce repression fell on the demonstrators with bare hands and this, under the complicit gaze of part of the international community. Finally, it is impossible for us to end these tributes, without bowing to the memory of our brothers and sisters, whom this violence has torn from our affection. In remembrance of the supreme sacrifice they made in giving their lives for their Country, we want to observe a minute of silence. It is therefore, marked by the mourning of these new martyrs and more than ever determined not to consider their noble sacrifices as vain and useless, that we have, with the people of Côte d’Ivoire, decided to continue the struggle and to earn it. To return to our analysis, we strongly reaffirm, that in form, the discussions initiated on Monday, December 21, 2020, appear to be moot, since> ‘The opposition had publicly since 2019, made clear proposals that it submitted to the Government. It is these proposals that led the African Court of Human and Peoples’ Rights, in its judgment of July 15, 2020, to uphold the Opposition, by ordering the State of Côte d’Ivoire to reform in depth. the Election Commission. As the members of the Opposition themselves recognize at the end of these discussions, the results obtained in the harvest are meager. It will not escape anyone’s notice that Opposition participants in the dialogue said they did not sign the final report. Moreover, we must remain lucid. The legislative elections which are announced, are the major objective political act, intended to authenticate the third illegal mandate which Alassane Ouattara has just granted himself. In addition, it no longer needs to be demonstrated that with the discussions initiated on December 21, the Power seeks without succeeding, to give Ivorian opinion and the whole world, theusion of a consensus and a democratic opening. to put to his credit. This is why our seven (7) organizations have seen fit to take this day, January 13, 2021, in the face of History, their responsibilities to say no and stop !! Indeed, we reaffirm yesterday, today and tomorrow, that the only valid political line is that of remaining in conformity with our previous commitments agreed upon. OUR CALL

At the end of our analysis, we want to reaffirm our total commitment to the defense of the interests of the populations and of our country, the Ivory Coast, before the entire nation. the Ivorian Opposition, by achieving its unity during its struggle against the dictatorship of Alassane OUATTARA and against this third unconstitutional mandate, had aroused in the hearts and minds of Ivorians, an immense hope of seeing the country restored very soon. It is therefore up to us not to disappoint this hope. Let us be careful not to kill the trust between the People and their political leaders. Our seven (7) parties and groups, which remain attached to the virtues of dialogue, reaffirm, however, that any dialogue with this Power, must take into account the best interests of our Nation and subject to the prerequisites and requirements that we have consensually stated. We therefore declare that we are not affected by these prejudiced legislative elections imposed by Alassane Ouattara. These elections are presented as yet another electoral masquerade, which aims to offer a presidency for life to Alassane Ouattara in Ivory Coast. Aware of the severe blow that this situation has dealt to the cohesion and credibility of the Ivorian Opposition, our political parties and groups call for the holding of an urgent meeting to clarify and re-mobilize the Opposition , in order to relaunch, on the basis of our previous common commitments, our fight to save our Country. At the end of our address, we appeal to all political parties and groups, as well as to all women and young people in this country, to Ivorians in Côte d’Ivoire and the Diaspora, so that they refuse to give in to all those who have as a project, to enslave our people and to take control of the resources of our country the Ivory Coast. Done in Abidjan, January 13, 2021. Have signed : THE PIT AKA AHIZI DANIEL USD HENRI NIAVA THE RPCI JEROME COULIBALY THE PCRCI EKISSI ACHI JEROME COULIBALY LC GNANGBO KACOU THE FDC BEHIBRO

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