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The Normalization Committee begins these consultations with Ivorian football players from this Tuesday, February 2, 2021. Before these exchanges with clubs and interest groups, the President of the Normalization Committee made a statement to the press, important partner, in order to put it to work.

(Read the Declaration of the President of CN-FIF)



“Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends of the press. The Ivorian Football Federation (FIF) Normalization Committee is at work. It is a mission team, one of the main challenges of which is to bring together and mobilize the football family to save Ivorian football. And we started the consultations last week. But internal consultations. We listened to the management team. We listened to all the departmental directors. And today, we are opening another phase of consultations. Those of the actors. I would just like to take a picture. When you walk into a factory, you have a management team and you have the factory. The Ivorian football factory is owned by key players which are clubs and interest groups. These are all the people who keep the ball rolling. And how do we bring a family together if we don’t listen to the key players in that family. Basically, our mission is to work for these players, for the clubs, for the supporters, for the State, for these people who have an interest in the ball turning. Our mission during these days of consultation concerns the clubs of Ligue 1, Ligue 2, D3 and also all those who have an interest in the ball turning. That is, all the stakeholders and the Interest Groups. It will be a matter of listening to them first because if we are here today, we, the Standardization Committee, it is because there has been a crisis. We must therefore listen to them. And we are there at their service. We will listen to them but also see how to put the ball back in the center of the field. And in what condition we can start a championship as quickly as possible. It is the championship that makes football, it is the championship that brings clubs to life, and it is the championship that allows talent to be detected and allows young Ivorians to export. We will listen to them and together we will see in what condition we can start this championship there. This is the purpose of our mission today. But, I would like to appeal to everyone, to the press and to the entire population to ask them to support us in our mission, to support us by relaying the information as we are going to provide it. This is very important because we cannot succeed in our mission if we do not have the press. What if we don’t have all the actors we work with. We have a fixed-term assignment. And at the end of this mission, we wish to give back to the actors themselves a house which will be cleaned, which will be clean and in which they themselves will be happy to live. Here is the object of our mission and I wanted to introduce Me Abé Simon, member of the Committee who will be in charge of seeing how to put the ball back in the center of the field and see how to give the Ivorians what they expect, that is say a rolling balloon. That is to say a championship that is on the move. “

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