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Press release from the French Defense Staff
In preparation for securing the legislative elections of March 6, 2021, the National Police, the National Gendarmerie and the Armies are jointly conducting simulation exercises from Wednesday February 17 to Saturday February 20, 2021 in the localities of Abengourou, Jacqueville, Kong and Séguéla.
During this period, motorized patrols, troop stationings and law enforcement maneuvers will be observed in these towns.
The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces informs the populations that these training sessions should not disrupt activities as well as the free movement of people and goods. He invites them, therefore, to go about their business freely.
Done in Abidjan, February 17, 2021.
Lieutenant General Lassina DOUMBIA
Chief of the General Staff of the Armies

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