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On this Saturday, February 20, 2021, the independent list “ Reconciliation, peace and development ” led by Mr. Zangah Konaté officially withdraws his candidacy for the legislative elections in favor of the candidate RHDP, our mother, the honorable and outgoing MP, Kouamé wife Touré Aya Virginie de Oumé-Guépahouo commune and sub-prefecture.

Indeed, during the investiture of the RHDP candidates, the President of the Republic, President Alassane Ouattara decided that the independent candidates close to the party, withdraw their candidatures to support the one nominated by the candidates.
Thus, to respect this wish dear to the President of the Republic, our list to decide to join the candidacy of the RHDP.

I wish all independents who love President ADO and want a better future to withdraw their candidacies to support the ruling party candidate.

I invite my brother and independent candidate, Adama Koné, who is close to the party, to abandon his project and join the RHDP list.

My team and I pledge to support the party’s candidate, the RHDP, to win.
I ask the President of the Republic to draw up a special plan for the development of Oumé, note belle city.

I invite all the parents of Oumé, Dokia and Guépaho to support the candidacy of our dear mother, Kouamé marries Touré Aya Virginie.

Thank you…

Done in Abidjan on Saturday, February 20

Mr. Zangah Koné
Independent candidate and head list
“Reconciliation, peace and development”

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