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TASS /. The head of the Russian space company Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, and the director of the Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA)

Zhang Keijan signed a mutual memorandum of understanding on behalf of their governments on cooperation for the establishment of an international lunar research station, Roscosmos and CNSA said on Tuesday.

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contribute to cooperation by creating an international lunar research station with free access for all interested countries and international partners,

with the aim of strengthening the interaction of scientific research, promoting research and

to use outer space for peaceful purposes in the interests of all mankind, “the Russian space agency said in a statement.

The signing ceremony took place by videoconference.

“China and Russia are using common experience and scientific technologies to create a roadmap for building an international research station on the Moon,”

CNSA said in a statement posted on social media WeChat.

As it emerges from the press release, the cooperation of the countries in this field foresees the study of the lunar surface and the implementation of joint projects in the orbit of the natural satellite of the Earth.

In November 2017,

and the CNSA
have signed a program
cooperation plan for 2018-2022.

It includes six sections: the study of the moon and deep space, space science and related technologies,

satellites and their use, the basis of components and materials, cooperation in terrestrial remote sensing data and other issues. Sub-working groups have been created to implement projects under this program.

In July 2020, Roscosmos chief Rogozin announced that he had discussed cooperation in space with his Chinese partners, including the lunar research base. He mentioned an agreement between the parties to start taking action towards each other to define the contours and significance of the lunar research base.

The leader of Roscosmos told a roundtable at the Federation Council in December 2020 that in June, the Chinese side had offered to involve Europe in cooperation in the exploration of the moon. Roscosmos Deputy Head of International Cooperation Sergei Savelyev told TASS in early February that the Russian space agency was in talks with Chinese partners to discuss possible science tasks for the lunar base and is working on implementation. technical aspect of the project.

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