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US President Joe Biden’s remarks about Russian President Vladimir Putin can be called “very bad,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Thursday.

“I will refrain from making a wordy comment on this. I will say one thing: these are very bad remarks from the US president,” Peskov said, when asked about the Kremlin’s reaction to Biden’s remark.

Peskov called relations between Russia and the United States “very bad”.

“It’s a very bad relationship,” he told reporters on Thursday, responding to a corresponding question.

Meanwhile, Peskov said it was not about asking Moscow how to improve these relations.

“Now that’s not a question you should ask us,” he said.

The words Biden made in an interview with ABC were a game-changer in relations between the two countries, according to Peskov.

“Of course, nothing like this has ever happened before,” he said.

When asked if Moscow would take any action in response, the Kremlin spokesman noted that “there is nothing to be done.”

Responding to the question of how such statements could affect bilateral relations, Peskov noted that “it is perfectly clear how.” However, he declined to comment on the matter in more detail.

Biden showed by his remarks that he certainly does not plan to improve relations with Russia, Peskov said, noting that in the future cooperation with Washington, Moscow, will follow.

According to him, Russia will analyze its approach to cooperation with the United States on issues of interest.

When asked if the Kremlin viewed the US move as a “trap,” Peskov stressed that he had nothing more to add. The Kremlin spokesman declined to say whether Putin plans to respond to Biden’s remarks.

“Our approach will be analyzed soon, including during consultations with our ambassador, who has been invited to Moscow,” Peskov said.

Biden said earlier in an interview with ABC News that Russian authorities should “pay a price” for their alleged interference in the US election. Further, when asked if he considers Putin “a killer,” Biden replied in the affirmative.

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