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Successful transfer of power this Saturday, April 10 in Orbaff, locality of the department of Dabou, during the celebration of the “Eb-eb” or coronation of rulers in Adjoukrou country …

All roads led this weekend to Orbaff, Adjoukrou village located a few km from Dabou.

Reason, two generations, the “Nigbessi” and the Obodjoulou or Abraman Bodjl, operated a transfer of power within the framework of the celebration of “Eb-eb”, the feast of the patriarchs. Popular ball, demonstration of the exercise of power in Adjoukrou country, traditional dances, gastronomy …

the populations of Orbaff were in tune with their habits and customs. The Obodjoulou are the new holders of political and religious power in Orbaff. They were sacred, this Saturday, April 10, 2021.

The Obodjoulou generation took power, in Orbaff, For 08 years, they will lead the destinies of the village and ensure the well-being of the populations.

The coronation of the Obodjoulou took place in the pure Adjoukrou tradition, where songs, dances and tam-tam sounds were present and left their mark.

For this purpose, the people can count on the M’Bedié Generation, which received the machete, symbol of the living force, for the execution of the tasks of the development and to ensure the security.

Each family celebrates for this purpose, its patriarchs who are called “Ebêbou”. Who are responsible for the executive and legislative management of the village.

As a reminder, the origin of the festival of Ebeb which means the seizure of power. This power is managed for a non-renewable period of eight years by a group of people linked by belonging to the same age group, precisely from the age of 60.

The first festival of Ebeb took place in the nineteenth century precisely in 1834. The expression Ebeb in Adjoukrou designates the village, the land; it’s party. Eb, the root, denotes culture and society. And ebebu means owner of land.

As soon as it was established by the village of Armébé, the other Adjoukrou villages seeing its impact, will borrow it and found it as a means of legitimizing the executive power.

During the eight years that the Ebebu exercise of political power, they have full authority over all decisions that affect the village: they hold supreme power.

The feast of Ebeb has three stages: the stage of the consecration of the Ebebus, the stage of the parade or the yoro-oubaure, and the stage of the adisséhi of the Ebebu.

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