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(ACP) .– The Gabonese national team runs the risk of being disqualified for the final phase of the next African Cup of Nations (CAN Cameroon 2021), in favor of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, for having aligned Kiaku Kiaku, a Congolese-born player by the name of Guelor Kanga with a different date of birth, corroborate sources report.

The file had already been revealed the day after the elimination of the Leopards as a montage, a real fake-news in social networks. But as the days progressed, the case took shape and would have become very serious for Gabon.

The appeal brought by the Congolese Football Association (FECOFA), since the beginning of April, was deemed admissible and founded by the African Football Confederation (CAF), which wrote to the Gabonese Federation on April 17, to ask him to present his defense.

If the case evolves as it stands, the Gabon Panthers could therefore be disqualified, and the DRC Leopards who finished third would take their place.

In fact, it is Kiaku Kiaku, holder of bib number 12 who was lined up for the Gabon-DRC return match, on March 25, in Franceville, under the name of Guelor Kanga.

And yet the latter, we learn, is a Congolese from Kinshasa, who was indeed born in the Congolese capital on October 8, 1985, and who lived in the town of Selembao for a long time. He made his debut at the Kinshasa Malebo Urban Football Agreement, on behalf of Kiaku Kiaku Kiangani where he played in a team affiliated to this agreement as evidenced by his Senior A License granted by FECOFA on March 8. 2005.

Years later, the native of Kinshasa well known by his childhood Kinshasa friends reappears in the Gabon national team under the name of Guelor Kanga, with another date of birth: born in Oyem, Gabon, a certain September 1, 1990. So there are two names and two dates of birth, and yet it is the same person.

In the past, we have already seen a similar case, the case between Congo Brazzaville and Rwanda. This is the Taguy Agiti Etekiama case who played at AS V.Club in the DRC with that name, while in Rwanda, he played with the Amavubies under the name of David Birori. In the end, the qualified Rwanda was disqualified in favor of Congo, and Etekiama was suspended for two years.

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