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As a prelude to the imminent return of President Laurent Gbagbo to the land of his ancestors, officials of the Democratic Party of Côte d’Ivoire (PDCI) have been appointed by President Aimé Henri Konan Bédié to join in the organization of the return of the President Laurent Gbagbo.

Yesterday, the Secretary General of the FPI of Gbagbo Assoa Adou went to the headquarters of the PDCI-RDA for a meeting with HE MAURICE KAKOU GUIKAHUÉ.

This meeting was actually a first contact of SG ASSOA ADOU with the personalities of the PDCI-RDA, appointed by President HENRI KONAN BÉDIÉ, in preparation for the return of President LAURENT GBAGBO and Minister CHARLES BLE GOUDE to Côte d’Ivoire.

“We came to meet our brothers and sisters of the PDCI to decide with them how we are going to welcome Mr. Gbagbo together. At the end of the information, he appointed the officials of his party to actively join this organization, ”said Mr. Assoa Adou.

According to Assoa Adou, to reserve “a welcome worthy of her rank”, a National Reception Committee and an Operational Committee will be “set up”.

Note that members of the PDCI have been appointed in the various structures of the reception committee, coordination, the National Committee and the working committees, said Mr. Guikahué, stressing that this meeting was a first contact. He will mobilize his troops on D-Day.

“This afternoon was the first contact session and in the days to come, the various personalities will get to work. ”

Below is the list of nominated PDCI-RDA personalities:
– Georges Philippe EZALEY
– Raoul ABY
– Sylvestre EMMOU
– Jean Marc YACE
– Jean Louis BILLON
– André LOGBO
– Events: KAMAGATE Brahima
– Mobilization: Chantal BROU (Ms.)
– Communication: Cyrielle KONE OBRE (Ms.)
– Protocol: Romain PORQUET

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