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As announced, the activists and sympathizers of the region of the great bridges met for a working session, this Thursday, May 06 at 11:00, in Dabou, at the John Wesley center, at the invitation of the executives of the Ivorian Popular Front of the aforementioned region, under the chairmanship of the Vice-President responsible for supervising the representations of the FPI abroad, Professor Gnagne Yadou Maurice.

It was a question of defining the framework and the appropriate organization which will make it possible to carry out the program of reception of the President at the regional level. The exchanges made it possible to identify the activities (spiritual and traditional festive) which will take place in the region during the period preceding the arrival of the President.

At this important meeting, and as an information point, Vice-President Gnagne Yadou Maurice gave an overview of current events, in particular the historic decision of March 31st confirming the total acquittal of President Laurent Gbagbo who finally regains freedom.

Also, he will inform the comrades of the steps taken by Secretary General Assoa Adou and the entire Party leadership with a view to the triumphal welcome that we must reserve for President Gbagbo Laurent. This welcome will be an extraordinary and historic moment of joy, peace, reconciliation and hope. In addition, he presented the issues of the day.

Finally, he invited the officials of the FPI of the Grands Ponts region to get involved in the success of this unprecedented event through total and exemplary mobilization.

Following this, National Secretaries Angeroh Séraphin and Dogo Laurent will set out the proposed program in detail. This program thus defined will be presented to the various federations, sections and bases for adoption and execution.

At the no less important point of the various, the working session looked at the thorny issue of political prisoners in the region following the call for civil disobedience.

The officials in particular made a commitment to be even more attentive to the needs of the imprisoned militant comrades. The federations are therefore asked to make more and more efforts to support our comrades, and above all to hope for their very next release.

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