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By Gaspard Sehi, MP for Facobly

“I just completed a tour of the Facobly Department. Populated by 76,650 inhabitants, for a single Member of Parliament (this is a matter to which I will come back), the Department exactly matches the area of ​​the electoral district 091 Facobly-Guezon-Koua-Semien-Tieny Siably where I was elected on March 6.

The observation that we make while traveling through this Department is the presence, on almost all the roads, of armed individuals, dressed in fatigues which do not resemble any fatigues of the Ivorian regular forces since the change of their uniforms.

Since the end of the post-election crisis (i.e. for ten years), they have been holding roadblocks that they only raise when poor road users pay an amount that varies between 500 and 1000 francs. ; in full view of the entire military hierarchy of Guemon and Tonkpi; in this period when our populations have become even poorer because of the poor sale of their cocoa, the increase in the price of foodstuffs.

Information taken, they would be residual FRCI, these forces of sad memory, authors of the killings of Nahibly and Guitrozon.

Who do they answer to?
What mission have they been given? So that disarmament and reintegration, a prerequisite before the organization of the 2010 elections, is supposed to have been done?

Faced with these questions to which I do not have the answers, I intend to send a letter tomorrow to the Minister of Defense so that he can clarify the role of these armed individuals whose presence seriously threatens the security of the populations of the Department of Facobly. “

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