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This Saturday, May 22, 2021, our reporting team went to Dabou, more precisely to Debrimou to cover the inauguration ceremony relating to the return of President Laurent Gbagbo, in the region of the great bridges. Initially planned in the public square of the village, Minister Monnet Monnet Léon and his delegation will be received at the private home of Patriarch Bedi Djobo Lambert for the ceremony.

Because the spiritual and customary guarantors of the village of Debrimou quite simply refused that the investiture ceremony of Paul Wood be held in the public square of their village.

To believe the inhabitants of this village which, like so many other Adioukrous villages, has experienced tragedies following the struggle of the FPI to maintain its ideological line and following the events of civil disobedience, a notable, on condition of anonymity , will say: “it is a message to Paul Wood to tell him that he does not recognize himself in his activities of disunity of the FPI, as he did in the time of the late Serges Angneroh, especially since in the meantime he has betrays the FPI and Gbagbo Laurent by appearing in broad daylight with Affi N’guessan. By giving Affi N’guessan the opportunity to confiscate the logos and other emblems of the Ivorian Popular Front. By encouraging him to prosecute the late President Interim Sangare Abou Drahamane and his comrades in the country’s courts on the grounds that they use the logo illegally. By encouraging Affi N’guessan to utter repeated insults against President Gbagbo. The Adioukrous have never been traitors and never are. will never be. they refuse to receive this ceremony. If he were a worthy man he would have declined this offer which smacks of cronyism knowing well the consequences on the cohesion of the party in the region. ”

To save face, Patriarch Bedi Djobo Lambert made a commitment to receive the delegation of Minister Monnet Monnet Léon at his residence. Thus the residence of Patriarch Bedi Djobo Lambert will serve as the setting for the “forced” investiture ceremony of Paul Wood.

Note that several executives and officials of the Ivorian popular front in the region of the great bridges and particularly those of Leboutou boycotted the ceremony.

Minister Monnet Monnet Léon having said that the arrival of President Gbagbo Laurent is not a matter for the FPI, the activists and supporters of the party in this region are organizing themselves in their own way to welcome their President. Also in the days to come they will publish the matrix of their program of activities which they will carry out.

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