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After the city of Jacqueville last Sunday, and continuing the execution of the activities set out in its activity matrix, the Regional Organizing Committee for the reception of President Gbagbo Laurent in the Grands-Ponts Region, under the chairmanship of the Vice-President Gnagne Yadou Maurice, and the first officials of the Front Populaire Ivoirien du Lebutu, met in Dabou this Sunday, June 6, more precisely in the village of Débrimou for a thanksgiving mass, in order to address prayers to the Lord for the peaceful return of our President, His Excellency Laurent Gbagbo.

It is the parish of Sainte-Thérèse of the Child Jesus, and its vast Catholic Church in this large village of Débrimou, that this ceremony took place.

For the occasion the Church was full as an egg. Women, men, young people, old people and children wanted to take part in this ceremony which marks the return of the one they carry in their hearts, in their souls and in their minds, President Gbagbo Laurent.

From the start of his office, the priest, officiating for the day, emphasized this concern of Christians, and exhorted them to pray fervently for this great event that our country is preparing to experience.

It is in recollection and fervor that the Christians, gathered in this holy place, raised their prayers of thanks to the Lord, and gave him thanks and glory, for the acquittal and the final release of President Laurent Gbagbo.

They all showed their gratitude to God for his blessings, in particular the joy and joy that he shared with the sovereign people of Côte d’Ivoire in these historic moments when his Glory and Magnificence shone in the eyes. of the unbelieving world.

For the man of God: “This peaceful return of President Gbagbo Laurent that we all wish for and that we entrust to God, is and will be the seal of the new divine alliance between the populations of this country. This new alliance based on faith in our Creator God, must open the way for us for a true sincere reconciliation which unites the daughters and the sons of this country, and brings peace and harmony in our beloved country, the Ivory Coast. ” he will say to conclude.

The officiating priest will invite all the activists of the FPI as well as the sympathizers and the population to receive the grace of the Lord through the sprinkling of holy water. It was with songs of joy to the Glory of the Lord that the office ended. Recall that Mass was celebrated by Father Agoussi Laurent, parish priest of the said parish.

In conclusion, in the absence of the Vice-President, it is the National Secretary of the Region, “Comrade” Agnero Akpa Séraphin, who led the official delegation of the Committee made up of “Comrades” Gnagne Habib Esso, National Secretary of the youth of the Front Populaire Ivoirien (JFPI) of the great bridges and also federal JFPI Dabou commune and sub-prefecture, Etekou Léon, Secretary General N’gatty and member of the federal office JFPI, Gnagne Mathieu, member of the federal office JFPI, Akpa Charles, SG JFPI Akradio and member of the federal office JFPI, Danho Jean Renauld, member of the federal office JFPI Toupah Lopou, Lath Essoh section JFPI Debrimou, Amou Georges, member of the Cabinet of the National Secretary Agnero Akpa Séraphin, Adou Paulin, federal CAFPI, Dabou commune and under prefecture and activists.

At the end of this religious ceremony, the delegation went to the private home of Patriarch Bedi Djobo Lambert for a courtesy visit, the patriarch thanked the Regional Welcoming Committee of President Laurent Gbagbo for the excellent work.
“Thank you for the good job you are doing,” he said.
After this visit, the delegation left the village to each go to their place of residence.

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