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Working session of the President for the Africa Zone of the Socialist International (IS), Comrade Golou Emmanuel, with Comrade Vice-President Gnagne Yadou Maurice, in charge of the supervision of the Representations of the Front Populaire Ivoirien (FPI) at the Outside. The Vice-President was accompanied at this hearing by the Representative of the FPI in Benin, Comrade Konan Anselme.
This Wednesday, June 9, 2021, Comrade President Golou Emmanuel, President for the Africa Zone of the Socialist International (IS) in Cotonou (Benin), granted an audience, in his private Residence, to Comrade Vice-President Gnagne Yadou Maurice, on a private visit to this country.
The two personalities gave a broad overview of the situation of the Socialist family in the West African and regional zone, on the eve of President Gbagbo Laurent’s return to the country, after the trial in The Hague.
Speaking first, the host of the day welcomed the forthcoming return of President Laurent Gbagbo, eminent member of the SI, who now returns with a halo of legitimacy that goes beyond the restricted framework of Côte d’Ivoire, to become the leaven that will raise the force buried in the depths of the socialist masses of the UEMOA and ECOWAS sub-region.
Also, he will say that,
“The Ivorian Popular Front, under the reinforced leadership of Comrade President Gbagbo Laurent, must unite and stimulate a new dynamic on the Left in our region and take the lead in the struggle of the Parties of the Socialist Left, in a world full of uncertainties , where the gap between rich and poor is widening. ”
“I would like, he will add, congratulate all the activists, the sympathizers and the sympathizers, and all the brotherly people of Côte d’Ivoire, for having believed in this fight, and for having remained united during these ten years of difficulties of all kinds, around President Gbagbo Laurent. ”
“The merit, he will say, goes to all those, militants or not, patriots of this country that we love so much, who believed in this outcome, and who remained faithful to the Combat of President Gbagbo Laurent . This merit is also for all the Ivorian people, without exclusion, who must boldly take the path of reconciliation and unity. Your joy and your joy are legitimate. The whole of Africa comes out enhanced and honored by the sacrifice of this immense Comrade. ”
“Visiting him,” he will say, “at Scheveningen prison in The Hague, he imparted an unshakeable strength to me. Indeed, I expected to find, with dread, a discouraged, tired and slumped man. The Hague prison. What was my satisfaction, my happiness and my joy at finding a Comrade full of life, intrepid, joyful and highly aware of his fight for Africa and his country. A very great man, a Comrade who had a clear idea of ​​his mission, and which communicated to me courage and a driving force, an unshakeable faith in his very imminent release. At IS Africa we discussed it especially with Ghanaians and South Africans, on the case of President Gbagbo. ”
“We must give thanks to God for having spared his life. Because the mission is not finished and we must all together support his action for the rebirth of our political family in our African region.”
“I greet the Secretary General Assoa Adou, who has visited me in my village several times during happy or unhappy events. I bow to the memory of his comrade and brother, what am I saying, of our Comrade Désiré Porquet. I salute the memory of Vice-President Abou Drahamane Sangare, Interim President, the trusted man of President Gbagbo par excellence, who will not see the release of his Comrade and brother … I salute the memory of all members of the upper management and simple party activists who died in exile or in the country, who will not see these historic moments of joy and joy. May God welcome them all in his happiness. ”
“We will now get back to work to get things done.” He concluded.

Speaking in turn, Vice-President Gnagne Yadou Maurice will say:
“Comrade President, it is a great honor and an immense joy for me to be received by the first Responsible of the IS Zone Africa, in this city. In this country whose history is studded with remarkable events, and confused to that of Africa made up of deportation without return, I would like to summon here the story of King Behanzin. Seizing this great opportunity, I must indicate that I am in no way on an official mission. However, like the late President Abou Drahamane Sangare we l ” had taught, any executive of the High Direction of the Party on mission in a private setting where not is a messenger of the Party, which must, as such, promote and maintain the relations of camaraderie and solidarity of the party with the other fraternal parties On this basis, I would like to express to you the thanks of the Party, the FPI, and its hierarchy, those of all its activists, as well as that of the whole of the Ivorian people, for having welcomed, protected and taken care of our people. mil people and compatriots who found refuge in this beautiful country, at the height of the crisis, who settled there and who flourished. Be the messenger of the FPI and the Ivorian people to the authorities of this country to whom we express our infinite gratitude for having welcomed, housed, fed and cared for our compatriots in distress, by giving them the chance to undertake to improve their daily existence. . The entire Ivory Coast will be grateful to you for eternity. ”
VP Gnagne Yadou Maurice, will conclude by announcing to his host of the day the acquittal, the release of his comrade, President Gbagbo Laurent who returns definitively, and by a triumphant welcome, on the land of his ancestors on June 17, 2021, c ‘that is to say next Thursday. ”

“After these exchanges, President Golou Emmanuel and VP Gnagne had a face-to-face interview, the content of which is intended for SG Assoa Adou.
The hearing, which started at 12:00, ended at 1:30 p.m. with souvenir photos.

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