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Monday, June 14, 2021
Ladies and gentlemen journalists,
Ladies and gentlemen, communication and social media professionals,
Ladies and gentlemen,
I would like to testify to you once again, on behalf of my party, all my gratitude for your availability and your contribution to the animation of political life in Côte d’Ivoire.
Thank you very much for having responded so massively to our invitation to this press conference.
Ladies and gentlemen journalists,
1. December 4, 2020
As soon as his diplomatic and ordinary passports were issued, President Laurent GBAGBO immediately instructed me to contact the Ivorian authorities to study, with them, the conditions for his return to Côte d’Ivoire, in peace and in peace. application of the provisions of Law No. 2005-201 of June 16, 2005 on the status of former President of the Republic and former head or president of a national institution.
2. December 7, 2020
I sent a letter requesting a hearing to the then Prime Minister, Mr. Hamed Bakayoko.
3. JANUARY 6, 2021
Prime Minister Hamed Bakayoko, surrounded by the Ministers of Security and National Reconciliation, received me, thus marking the start of discussions with the authorities on the return of President Laurent Gbagbo.
4. February 24, 2021
On the occasion of the official presentation of the National Reception Committee, I informed the national and international opinion that President Laurent Gbagbo has decided to return to Côte d’Ivoire in mid-March 2021.
5. March 10, 2021
Côte d’Ivoire learns with amazement of the death of Prime Minister Hamed Bakayoko.
Out of respect for the national mourning, and with the will to make our full contribution to it, the return of President Laurent Gbagbo has been postponed to a later date.
6. April 7, 2021
President Alassane Ouattara declared during the Council of Ministers and I quote:
“As for Messrs Laurent Gbagbo and Blé Goudé, they are free to return to Ivory Coast whenever they wish.
The travel expenses of Mr. Laurent Gbagbo, as well as those of his family members, will be covered by the State of Côte d’Ivoire.
Arrangements will also be made for Mr. Laurent Gbagbo to benefit, in accordance with the texts in force, from the benefits and indemnities due to the former Presidents of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire. ”
6. May 3, 2021
On the instructions of President Ouattara, I was received by Prime Minister Achi Patrick for the resumption of discussions on the return of President Laurent Gbagbo.
Since that date, discussions have been regular with the authorities on all aspects of President Laurent Gbagbo’s return, within the framework of the law.
7. May 31, 2021
President Laurent Gbagbo asked me to officially announce that he has decided to return to Côte d’Ivoire on June 17, 2021.
Ladies and gentlemen journalists,
I inform you that discussions are continuing regularly to move all files forward.
Today, I solemnly confirm that President Laurent Gbagbo will arrive in Abidjan on Thursday, June 17, 2021, by flight from BRUSSELS.
A second important thing:
President Alassane Ouattara has decided to give the presidential pavilion to welcome President Laurent Gbagbo.
On behalf of the Ivorian Popular Front,
On behalf of all the pros-Gbagbo,
I would like to thank President Ouattara for this important act, which for me goes in the direction of national reconciliation.
We hope that the other provisions provided for by law will be implemented shortly.
Thank you

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