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In Côte d’Ivoire, the national pass rate for the 2021 baccalaureate session is 29.24% against 40.08% in 2020, a decline of 10.84 points, according to the Director of exams and competitions (Deco), Mariam Dosso Nimaga.

“At the end of the deliberations carried out in the 52 Correction and Deliberation Centers, it was noted that 297,840 candidates actually took part in the tests in the 504 composition centers for the 2021 session. Of this number of people present, 87,097 candidates were declared admitted, that is to say a national success rate of 29.24% against 40.08% in 2020 ”, declared Mrs. Mariam Dosso Nimaga.

Continuing, she did not fail to indicate that this rate is down 10.84 points.

Regarding statistics by gender, she said boys had a better admission rate than girls. Out of 136,166 girls present, 38,341 are admitted, or 28.79%. As for the 164,674 boys, 48,756 are declared, or 29.61% success rate.

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