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The Minister of Employment and Social Protection, Master Adama Kamara, has just taken two Decrees within the framework of the renewal of the governing bodies of the Mugef for the 2021-2025 term.
The first decree no. 2021-045 establishes an ad hoc committee responsible for carrying out all activities relating to the preparation of the Mugef elections, until the establishment of the National Electoral Committee. This committee will also have the following mission:
-Gather all the necessary documentation for the drafting of a new electoral guide;
-Analyze the Statutes and Internal Regulations of the Mugef-ci, the electoral guide 2013, the report and the recommendations of the elections of 2017, the deliberations of the GA of December 2020;
-Finally to propose a consensual electoral guide project.
The second decree no 2021-046 relates to the appointment of the members of this ad hoc committee. Thus were named the following personalities:
-Ms Koné Colette marries Koné, CEO of the Ivorian Agency for the Regulation of Social Mutuality (Airms), President of the ad hoc committee,
-Mr. Bamba Karim, President of the 2012-2013 management committee of Mugef-ci,
-Mr. Camara Migadoulpeni Alexis, Secretary of the 2017-2021 electoral committee,
-Mr. Traore Brahima, Executive Director of Mugef-ci,
-Mr. Kouakou Kouadio Raphaël, Head of the legal and litigation department of Mugef-ci.
In application of these decrees, the President of the ad hoc committee signed a press release on August 3, inviting all mutualists and potential candidates to withdraw from the Airms headquarters, the former electoral guide in order to make their proposal for ‘amendments.
As we can see the mission of the ad hoc committee is very well defined, its objective is not to organize the elections but to help the mutualists to find in an inclusive and participatory way the consensual solutions to the organization of democratic and above all peaceful elections.
I would therefore like to welcome the decisions taken by the Minister of Employment and Social Protection, because he has just translated into action the request expressed by the MUR Group as well as all the parties present to see the government lead the electoral process. de la Mugef-ci in agreement with all the actors involved in these elections.

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