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The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Adama Diawara, warned, Thursday, August 19, 2021, that registration fees for License, Master and Doctorate (LMD) will experience an inexorable increase “from now on at two years “.

During an accreditation ceremony for diplomas issued by higher education institutions at Cocody University, the minister indicated that this necessary increase is part of a series of reforms to improve the quality of the provision of training for Ivorian students.

Sections of the higher technician certificate that do not meet the needs of the labor market will be eliminated, but the minister in charge of higher education said, “parents will have to put a little more money into their pockets ( …), because higher education is expensive “when the State finds itself unable to assume it as in the past.

Registration fees for the License are 30,000 FCFA for new baccalaureate holders, 60,000 FCFA for the Masters and 90,000 FCFA for the Doctorate. The training of a student costs nearly 1.5 million FCFA. In accordance with the standard of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) which sets the learner’s contribution at 15%, Ivorian students should provide for their training costs, a sum of nearly 225,000 FCFA, explained Minister Adama Diawara.

This increase in tuition fees concerns vocational and continuing training, said the minister, reassuring that the State has budgeted for the clearance of its debt of CFAF 36.8 billion and liabilities of CFAF 1.3 billion vis-à-vis -to private establishments.


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