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VTV- Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the chaotic situation in Afghanistan indicates the need to curb the practice of imposing so-called forced democracy channels on countries outside.

“We must put an end to the irresponsible policy of imposing foreign values ​​from the outside, of the ambitions of building democracy in other countries according to foreign molds without taking into account historical, national, religious peculiarities and completely ignoring the traditions of these peoples, ”denounced the Russian President on Friday after his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Moscow.

According to Putin’s statements, the Taliban control
practically all the territory of Afghanistan,
including its capital, “a reality from which we must act to prevent the disintegration of the Afghan state,” said a note from HispanTV.

“Russia is interested in a stable Afghanistan,” said the president of the Eurasian country, noting that he is now in total chaos. He expressed hope that the new power in Afghanistan will guarantee the safety of delegations from other countries and maintain public order.

According to the Russian president, the functioning of the United States
and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) cannot be called “successful”, although Moscow does not want to influence it or portray it as “a failure”.

The Russian leader also urged the world to invest its efforts in preventing terrorists from groups such as Al Qaeda, spread across Afghan territory, from infiltrating Afghanistan’s neighboring countries disguised as refugees.

“We see that the Taliban have announced the end of combat operations, have started to restore law and order and are committed to ensuring the safety of local residents and foreign diplomatic missions,” he said. “I hope that all of this will materialize,” Putin said.

Merkel, in turn, said Russia must point out humanitarian aid issues in Afghanistan during Moscow’s talks with the Taliban.

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