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The African Football Confederation (CAF) has taken note of the current measures in Great Britain concerning the absence of exemptions for players returning from several African countries after the next international window.

Acting on behalf of all African Member Associations, players and supporters, CAF urged the UK government to provide the required exemptions to allow African players to represent their countries in the upcoming FIFA World Cup qualifiers, Qatar 2022 ™ ️.

CAF notes that similar exemptions have been granted by the British government to allow the participation of delegations and officials at the UEFA European Championship which was held less than two months ago.

It is also noted that the situation in African countries on the Red List is, in many cases, less serious than that of other countries not currently on this list or for which exemptions were previously provided.

In addition, CAF would like to reiterate that the upcoming matches will be delivered according to the strict protocols developed by FIFA and applied throughout the world, as was the case during previous windows and continental tournaments delivered successfully.

These protocols have proven beyond any doubt that they mitigate the risks involved; proof of their success when applied in England and other parts of the world.

In light of the above, CAF has made an urgent appeal to the FA (The Football Association) and the UK government to have the same treatment previously applied to Europe now extended to Africa under the principles of solidarity and equality.

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