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(ENA) There is no people or government negotiating over the sovereignty and unity of Ethiopia, said Tigray Interim Administration CEO Abraham Belay.

In the effort to challenge Ethiopia’s sovereignty and national unity, internal and external forces have used anti-popular groups such as the terrorist TPLF.

It is impossible to tolerate foreign forces who want to interfere in the affairs of the country and impose conditions against the sovereignty and unity of Ethiopia, he added.

In their efforts to challenge the sovereignty and unity of the country, internal and external forces use anti-popular groups such as the terrorist TPLF.

“No force should have the possibility to rule the country by force and to destabilize the country”, he declared, adding that “we cannot accept in our lifetime any force to change a government”.

The CEO explained that these forces realized this government position. “The forces that do not want the unity and development of the Ethiopians still want to see us in conflict and chaos.

In this regard, the forces that see that Ethiopia is on the right path to development and that the reform government does not negotiate with any force that uses force against the sovereignty of the country are working tirelessly for destruction, he said. Explain.

One of the issues that has consistently challenged the country is the destructive mission of the internal forces, Abraham said, noting that the TPLF terrorist who never cared about the people is a manifestation of it.

The CEO revealed that it is not uncommon for countries that support this terrorist group, both at home and abroad, to attempt to create influence in terms of finding a puppet government.

The group betrayed the people and the country by attacking the respected and popular National Defense Force.

He said that efforts to prevent the terrorist group from destroying the country and destroying it forever will continue to grow stronger through cooperation.

It should be recalled that at a meeting of the UN Security Council held yesterday, China, Russia and India expressed their solidarity with Ethiopia, noting that the country can solve its internal problems on its own.

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