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On Tuesday August 17, 2021, at 12:30 pm, as he took the plunge, Professor Gnagne Yadou Maurice, Vice-President (VP) in charge of the Supervision of FPI Representations Abroad, made a point of receiving at
Lunch for the Representatives, the Representatives’ Delegates, as well as Members of the Representative offices, passing through or on vacation in Côte d’Ivoire.

The lunch, which started at the appointed time, took place in a friendly atmosphere of camaraderie at the home of the Vice-President. At the menu, the Comrades were happy to find dishes from
their terroirs and to the taste of each guest.

After lunch, as planned, and this at the request of the guests, VP Gnagne made a point of making a
overview of the situation at the party level, and the new situation that prevails.

During his speech, Vice President Gnagne will say that “ the wonderful decision to create a new party, which was taken by President Gbagbo Laurent on August 9, 2021 during the historic Extraordinary Central Committee, the first he presided over since her release and return home, was the best
something that could happen to us.

The support that this has aroused within the population as a whole, militant, sympathetic or not, proves the appropriateness of this decision. insisting on “ the historical and ideological reasons which base this change of denomination which should not alter in any way the ideological content of our line. ”

The discussions that followed made it possible to dispel all apprehensions about cohesion, which should henceforth be the basis of sincere activism made up of loyalty, consistency and coherence in our actions.

Very satisfied and happy with this preparatory session, the delegation, led by Vice-President Gnagne Yadou Maurice, came at the stroke of 3:30 p.m. to the party headquarters for a courtesy visit.
to Secretary General Assoa Adou who made a point of receiving the party’s “diplomats”.

After the exchanges of news, the Secretary General Assoa Adou made a speech much appreciated by his visitors of the day, to explain the context of the decision which was taken on August 9, 2021.

Subsequently, questions will be put to him which he took the time to answer to instruct our Comrades. He congratulated and thanked the Representations for their effective involvement in the preparations for the President’s return.

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