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As required by the rules, the Elephants trained today at 3 p.m. local 1 p.m. GMT (tomorrow’s match time). A final session which gave a glimpse of the ambitions of Patrice Beaumelle and his foals on Mozambican soil.

A flat defense with triangular midfield and outgoing players, supported by a two-point attack. A commando which will be led by captain Serey Dié who is already in the match


“We came here to make a result. There are a lot of absentees but we have a large squad to make up for the late arrivals. We will fight to return to Abidjan with victory or at least a draw ”.


Certainly our proud Elephants did not come on vacation, they demonstrate it by their concentration and the good atmosphere that reigns in the team. It remains to be demonstrated tomorrow on the lawn of the Maputo stadium

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