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EU foreign ministers announced on Friday that they had set five conditions for the EU’s engagement with the Taliban.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrel, after the end of the two-day meeting of EU foreign ministers, told reporters that the Taliban must abide by the conditions in order to have the EU engagement with Afghanistan.

EU conditions:

• Afghanistan will not serve as a base for the export of terrorism to other countries,

• Respect for human rights,

• Form an inclusive government,

• Provide free access to humanitarian aid,

• Provide safe passage for foreign nationals and Afghans at risk who wish to leave the country.

The EU has said any future development and engagement with the Taliban depends on the behavior of the Taliban and the government that will be formed.

Borrel said the engagement “will increase with the behavior of this government.”

The Taliban, meanwhile, have said they want to maintain good relations with all countries and have the support of the international community.

“The Afghan people have suffered a lot. We expect the international community to support the Afghan people and work with us for the prosperity of Afghanistan, ”said Ahmadullah Wasiq, deputy head of the Taliban Cultural Commission.

The Taliban have said Russia, China and Qatar will back them to gain support from the international community.

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