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After a warning from NATO, Russia unexpectedly launched strategic bombers into the sky.
This morning, strategic air assets were lifted into the sky from Russian military bases. This happened in the context of a warning from the Russian side that the refusal of NATO and the United States to provide security guarantees to Russia would lead to extremely serious consequences for the West.

According to the “Telegram” community “Hunter’s Notes”, strategic aerial activity has been observed in the skies over Russia since the very morning, and although no details are given about it, this is the first time since the beginning of this year that Russian strategic bombers have been lifted into the sky.

“Activity of Russian strategic aviation. A group of 3 strategic bombers (type to be specified) (call sign 70291/70292/70293) is working with the Il-78 tanker (call sign 42603)”- said in the message.

Whether the flights of Russian strategic aviation are related to exercises is not specified, however, there are no official comments from the Russian defense department on this either. However, experts note that Russia can test the readiness of strategic aviation against the background of existing threats from NATO and the United States.


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