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The Russian army is equipped with more than 400 systems to destroy the American MLRS Himars.

During a special military operation in Ukraine, the Russian army made a startling discovery. It turned out that the Russian army is already armed with fire extinguishing means from American Himars multiple rocket launcher systems, and in huge quantities. The complexes have already been successfully tested on the American supersonic missiles M30 and M31 and have demonstrated the highest efficiency.

As it became known, the Soviet and Russian Buk complexes are able not only to effectively track the launches of American Himars MLRS missiles, but also to intercept missiles even in the event of a salvo attack from them. It turned out that Buk systems are suitable for hitting targets such as American Himars missiles, both in speed and range, and in height. Moreover, the parameters of the rocket are such that they allow you to instantly identify such a target.

According to the Russian military, in terms of parameters, American Himars systems are almost perfectly suitable for using Soviet and Russian Buk anti-aircraft missile systems against them. In total, according to open sources only, Russia is armed with more than 430 Buk air defense systems of various modifications, which is significantly more than the MLRS Himars in service with the United States, not to mention Ukraine.

How many Russian servicemen managed to shoot down American MLRS “Himars” missiles in a month is not specified, however, experts pay attention to the fact that the Ukrainian military also switched to rather unusual tactics, covering the launches of guided missiles along with unguided ones.


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